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Some Tips for Purchasing Diamonds

Diamonds are valued according to the 4 C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. A certain amount of subjectivity comes into play when purchasing a diamond. An individuals’ preference and tastes should be considered.

Firstly - what shape do you prefer?








Crown Angle

up to 26.9°

27.0° to 30.6°

30.7° to 37.7°

37.8° to 40.6°

40.7° and up

Pavilion Angle

up to 38.4°

38.5° to 39.5°

39.6° to 42.2°

42.3° to 43.2°

43.3° and up


Table Width

71% and up

70% to 67%

66% to 53%

52% to 51%

50% and down


Crown Height

up to 8.5%

9% to 10.5%

11% to16%

16.5% to 18%

18.5% and up


Girdle Thickness

extremely thin

very thin

thin slightly

thick very thick

extremely thick


Pavilion Depth

up to 39.5%

40% to 415

41.5% to 45%

45.5% to 46.5%

47% and up


Culet Size



pointed to 1.9%

2% to 3.9%



Total Depth

up to 52.9%

53.0% to 55.4%

55.5% to 63.9%

64.0% to 66.9%

67.0% and up



Secondly – The colour needs to be considered. In white diamonds, colour D is the most valuable, which is colourless. In colour diamonds the higher the intensity of colour, the more valuable the diamond.

Thirdly – Consider the weight. If you are budget conscious, look into purchasing a stone at .49 of a carat or of .89 up to .99 of a carat, as the miniscule difference between just under half a carat and just under a carat, might assist your budget.



Lastly – The clarity of a diamond is judged by the amount of inclusions within the stone and the position of the inclusions. There are qualities when valuating a diamond as to where the inclusion falls within the clarity scale according to inclusions within the diamond.

When purchasing a diamond, ask for a valuation or a laboratory certificate that details the diamond according to the 4 C’s. The GIA and Jewellery Association of South Africa are internationally recognised.

All loose diamonds supplied by Schwartz Jewellers will be accompanied by a certificate or valuation.

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